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About Aachen

Aachen is a historic city in western Germany, near the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands.

It has a rich history dating back over 2,000 years and was a favored residence of Charlemagne, the great Carolingian emperor. The Aachener Dom, also known as Aachen Cathedral, is a masterpiece of Carolingian architecture and was the first German site to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city center is characterized by lively squares, such as the Markt (Market Square) and Katschhof, surrounded by historic buildings, shops, and restaurants. The city has a long tradition as a spa town, renowned for its thermal baths. The Carolus Thermen is a modern spa facility that combines thermal baths with wellness amenities.

Aachen is home to RWTH Aachen University, one of Germany's leading technical universities with a strong emphasis on engineering and technology.

The city also has a strong European presence, hosting the annual Charlemagne Prize (Karlspreis) for contributions to European unity. Additionally, Aachen's central location makes it a hub for cross-border activities and collaborations.

Aachen's combination of historical significance, academic excellence, and modern amenities makes it a city that attracts both history enthusiasts and those interested in cutting-edge technology and education.

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